C2MC is a joint laboratory created in 2014 on the basis of two analytical groups from the universities of Pau and Rouen and a part of the analytical department from the research direction of TOTAL Refining and Chemical.

The addition of skills and synergies arising from these three groups is already generating a creative ambiance in cutting-edge research into the molecular characterization of complex matrices such as petroleum and polymers.






PostDoc position

Postdoctoral position in organic synthesis / mass spectrometry – 18 months


Project: Ion mobility spectrometry and high resolution mass spectrometry for the characterization of metallocene catalysts

Metallocene catalysts have an important role in polymerization processes. These organometallic complexes involve two cyclopentadienyl (Cp) ligands and a transition metal. The development of these catalysts has long been done empirically. To improve the catalysis process, Methylaluminoxanes (MAO) are used as a cocatalyst.

The very high reactivity of metallocene catalysts and MAOs makes it very difficult to characterize them by analytical techniques and in particular by mass spectrometry because this implies that the sample is physically introduced into the instrument with considerable risks of contact with the ambient environment (atmosphere of the source, tubing …). This essential step is problematic when the compounds to be analyzed are sensitive to moisture and oxygen.

The objective of the recruited person will be to develop analytical approaches to allow the analysis of molecules that are very sensitive to air by mass spectrometry to study their structure and activity. Several approaches can be envisaged, some of which have already been evaluated in the framework of previous work. For this, he or she will have at his disposal a glove box near a mass spectrometer coupled with the ionic mobility (Waters Synapt G2) as well as a mass spectrometer with Fourier transform (Bruker Solarix XR) equipped with A 12 T superconducting magnet and a TIMS type ion mobility cell.


Analysis of sensitive compounds by mass spectrometry coupled to ion mobility – mass spectrometry

Candidates must have a fluency in either English or French. He or she must have expertise in chemical synthesis and / or mass spectrometry. An experiment in catalysis and manipulation in an inert atmosphere would be a plus.

This work will be carried out within the framework of the joint laboratory C2MC associating Total, the University of Rouen and the University of Pau ( The work will be followed directly with the refining and chemical branch of Total (Le Havre, France and Feluy, Belgium).

Contact : Carlos Afonso (Professor)